EFdeN “where N is Nature”

Project Description

Here is our latest 3d film featuring the EFdeN sustainable house prototype that participated in Solar Decathlon 2014 competition.

EFdeN  is  a  multidisciplinary  team  that  took  on  the Solar Decathlon challenge to design an innovative solar house. The prototype  qualified  for  the  Solar  Decathlon  Finals  in Versailles, concluding  2  years  of  hard work and involving over 100 students. Conceived  as a modular building, it was transported to France in 9 fully loaded trucks. The  prestige of the competition resides in its rigorous jury,  who awarded the Romanian team the Sustainability Prize. After only 12 construction days, the prototype  was open to visitors, over 10,000 of whom took part in the public tours. The EFdeN prototype is now back in Romania, where the next stage of the project has been set in motion.

Project Details

Client: EfdeN

Tags: animation, motion graphics, vfx, visualizations

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